Sodium Hyaluronate Medical Grade

Detail Information

Sodium Hyaluronate can be used as viscoelastic agent intraocular lens implantation operation, as the filler in the osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis and other joint surgery, as a medium widely used in eye drops, it also can be used to prevent postoperative adhesion and facilitate the wound heal. The compounds formed by the reaction of Sodium Hyaluronate with other drugs play a drug release effect role, thus achieve the purpose of drug targeted and time controlled release.

1)Eye drop level Range of application:

Eye drops, contact lenses solution, eye lotion, cavitary lubricant etc.


Lubricate, moisturize, improve efficacy, alleviate dry eyes, promote cornea and conjunctival injury healing etc.

2) Injection grade Range of application:

Eye surgery adhesion agent, joint injection, postoperative adhesion agent, medical cosmetic surgery dermal fillers


viscoelasticity, protection of the corneal endothelial, lubricity, viscoelasticity, promote cartilage repair, control inflammation, relieve pain etc.

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