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Our laying hens series premix developed by professor of animal nutrition company with the latest international scientific and technological achievements.We choose high quality raw materials at home and abroad, use the advanced equipment and processing technology , use the modern quality control means and then finished the high- tech products to meet the needs of the different production levels of feed mills and farms.Customers need to strictly control the quality raw materials.

According to there commended formula with the supplemented by scientific management.This can fully give play to the largest production performance of laying hens, make customers get the best economic benefits.

Detail Information

Laying hens series premix material type

material type Apply phase
  The egg chicks premix   0 ~ 6 weeks
  Breeding chicken feed     7 weeks ~ 19 weeks
Egg production period of material 19 weeks to produce
After the peak and the peak

Commodity Feature
1.Each stage of laying hens premix contains allicin.
Allicin antibacterial spectrum, antibacterial is good.
To gram-positive bacteria and gram-negative bacteria,
it has a strong exterminate action.
It can enhance immune function, promote growth,
improve the rate, reduce feed consumption.
Also can increase the layers, and seasoning food intake,
reducing poisonous insect repellent, anti-mold preservatives,
prevent feed mildew. Non toxic,
no side effect, no resistance,no drug residues.
2.We add a probiotic layers in different stages of the premix
to regulate intestinal flora balance, improve immunity,
promote animal health, improve the egg production performance.
3.Supplement the perfect compound feed in a variety of trace elements,
vitamins to feed the rich nutrition and balanced.
It can also prevent the laying hens nutrition deficiency,
improve feed conversion rate and reproductive performance,reduce feed costs.

Product use special carrier and diluent,after mixed step by step,
it will have good mixing uniformity and liquidity.
Index Analysis Vitamin A acetate, vitamin D3,
dl – alpha tocopherol acetate, vitamin K3, vitamin B1,
vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium pantothenate,
niacinamide, D, D – biotin, folic acid, choline chloride,
copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate,
potassium iodide, sodium selenite, zeolite powder, rice husk powder (carrier), etc.


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