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The hemicellulose is an important component of polysaccharide, its hydrolysis products of glucose and Xylose can be used in a large number of industrial production. Cereal grains such as wheat, barley and rye work with the animal feed can produce great energy. In order to maximize the activity of cellulase andhemicellulase is necessary and perform great function in the procedure .


Yokozyme-Hemi is fermented by hemi-cellulase high yield strain in paper pulp manufacture, which is especially used in the industries of food, feed additive, bleaching process in paper making and medicine, which also can be used in the manufacture of fuel alcohol.


Yokozyme-Hemi can work under wide pH conditions used to degrade hemicellulose. Particularly suitable for application in feed, food, ethanol and waste water treatment industries.


Yokozyme-Hemi optimal PH rang is 3.0 to 6.0 and the optimal temperature rang is 35 to 55 Degree Celisus.

Yokozyme-Hemi is light yellow powder with density of 1.1g/ml and can soluble in water easily.


Solid forms of Yokozyme-Hemi

Yokozyme-Hemi in feed industry ( 5000u/g – 200000u/g)Yokozyme-Hemi in paper making industry pH between 6.5 and9.5( 85,000 U/g)


1. Used in the flour products applications

Yokozyme-Hemi can effectively improve the bread specific volume, and can not make a negative impact to the dough.Yokozyme-Hemi was found that it can to improve the loaf volume perfect, the core softness of bread is about 37.1% lower, and the aging rate also can be reduced. As Yokozyme-Hemi can degrade of arabinoxylan, in particular to the water-insoluble xylan, which not only can improve the machining properties of dough and can be increase loaf volume, improve crumb texture, and delay aging, so that the Yokozyme-Hemi can improve the quality of flour products.

2. Used in other industries of food

The Conventional method of manufacturing instant coffee is that freeze-drying or spray drying directly after concentrate the coffee bean extract. Because there are a large number of xylan in coffee beans, which may result in too much viscosity in the extraction process and bring about troubles to the subsequent concentration and drying. Yokozyme-Hemi can breaks down the xylan in coffee to produce oligosaccharides, which can reduce the viscosity of coffee greatly. With the reduced viscosity, the efficiency of concentration and drying has increased in multiply, so that the production cost of instant coffee can be reduced. In addition, Yokozyme-Hemi has a good value in improving the sensory quality of fruits and vegetables, extracting olive oil, vegetable oils, flavor substances, coloring substances and starch.

3. Used in paper making

Yokozyme-Hemi can be added to pulp after cooking or oxygen delignification and prior to bleaching for the improvement of pulp bleachability. Almost every mill has unique conditions of fibre furnish, pulping technology and bleach sequence. The optimal dosage can also depend on the temperature, pH and consistency of the pulp.

4.Used in animal feed

Yokozyme-Hemi can be used in animal feed industry to decompose the xylan in cell wall of feed materials, reduce viscosity of materials and promote the release of effective substances; Also, Yokozyme-Hemi can reduce non-starch polysaccharides in animal feed so as to promote absorption of nutrient substances by animals;


Stored in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight. There are a large numbers of active substance in Yokozyme-Hemi, and storing in low temperature (below 25 Degree Celisus, but not frozen), the activity can be maintained for a long time.


Yokozyme-Hemi is non-toxic and biodegradable. Avoid unnecessary contact and long-time exposure will make someone sensitive to this products. Wash hands with warm soapy water after contact the product and keep them in the place that out of reach of children.

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