Glucose oxidase(GOD) is the functional enzyme which can consume the oxygen in intestinal canal,creating anaerobic environment and promoting the probiotics growth and restrain the harmful bacterial growth.It can produce tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide for bacteriostasis and sterilize and produce gluconic acidto improve the acidity environment thus enhancing the digestive enzymes activity.

Detail Information

Specification of glucose oxidase

Name Glucose oxidase Carrier Starch
Activity 1,000 -20,000 U⁄g Form Powder
Color white to light yellow Loss on drying ≤10%
Packaging 25kg/bag
Expiry date 12 months below 25°C
Attention Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature


Features of glucose oxidase

1. Fermentation product of Aspergillus niger, associated enzyme is rich, and the effect is stronger.

2. Special breeding method, strong resistance, more suitable for feed, breeding.

3. No incompatibility, the mechanism is completely different from antibiotics, “no resistance” and “drug residue problem”.

4. Prevent feed moldy, oxidation, antioxidants and preservatives can be replaced.

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