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Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) are polymers of the sugar xylose. XOS is produced from the xylan fraction in plant fiber. Their C5 structure is fundamentally different from other prebiotics, which are based upon C6 sugars.Xylo-oligosaccharides act as a prebiotic, selectively feeding beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli within the digestive tract.

Health benefits of XOS , XOS improvements in blood sugars and lipids, digestive health benefits, laxation, and beneficial changes to immune markers


Product Name
Latin Name
Xylooligosaccharides / XOS
White Powder
pH 3.5-6.5
70%  95% , 20P,35P,70P,95P;70L,95L
Food, Feed Additives ,Pharmacrutical material
Yonkong Bioengineering Co.,LTD.
Shelf life
2 Years
Store in cool and dry places. Keep away from strong light.
1kg/fiber bag;
25kg/fiber drum

The most efficient bifidus factor:
The function of XOS proliferation bifidobacteria is 10-20 times that of other oligosaccharide.Comparing to other oligosaccharide, XOS can be used in small doses and thus reduces the chance of bloating.

Low Calorie:
The decomposition rate of XOS is low, which can be consumed at proper dose by those who are suffering diabetes, obesity, hyperglycemic and children with dental caries.The degradation rate of XOS by human digestive enzymes is below 0.4%.

Good acid stability:
5% XOS is basically not decomposed after heated for an hour under acid condition(PH=2.5-8.0,100℃).

Good heat stability:
5% XOS is basically does not show significant differences after heated for 20 minutes under acid condition (PH=4)

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