feed monocalcium phosphate MCP 22%

Detail Information

Mono Calcium Phosphate MCP:(Feed Grade)

Other Names: Calcium phosphate primary;Calcium biphosphate;Calcium phosphate, monobasic;Calcium dihydrogen phosphate

Molecular formula:Ca(H2PO4)2 .H2O

Molecular Weight:252.07


Melting Point:109C

Loss of Ignition:30.0

HS Code:28352500

CAS No:7758-23-8

Item Specification Index
P 22.0% min 22.7%
Citric Acid   P 21.7% min(95% in ratio) 21.8%(95% in ratio)
Water Soluble P 20.0% min(90% in ratio) 20.6%(90% in ratio)
Ca 15-18% 17.6%
F 0.10% max 0.09
As 2ppm max 1.1
Heavy Metal(Pb) 2ppm max 1.7
Hg 0.01ppm max 0.01
Cd 0.66ppm max 0.66
Selenium as Se   undetectable
Vanadium as V

PH 3.0-4.0 3.6
Moisture 2% max 1.5%
Size:in powder 20-150mesh (if) 90% min 95.3%
Size in granule 10-60mesh (if) 90% min 98.2%


Appearance:White powder/granule


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