Animal Feed for Poultry, Cattle, Pig

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Animal feed for Poultry, Cattle, Pig

Company Description:

Our factory was established in 2011. And as a professional animal feed manufacturer, we have shared our market in Iraq and other countries in middle East Aisa.
We warmly welcome friends and customers around the world to contact us to establish future business relationship.

Nowadays our factory has producted animal feed according to the customers’ formula. Welcome to our factory to customize your feed!

Product features:

1. Poultry: High-quality raw materials, imported steamed fishmeal; added immune polysaccharides, micro-ecological probiotics, promotes intestinal health; effectively prevent diarrhea.

2. Cattle: Good palatability and high digestibility; use this product can let cattles’ fur bright and smooth, strong and good meat quality; nutritional balance is comprehensive and the feed digestion and absorption rate is high, no over-material, no diarrhea. It’s convenient to use the ingredients, just add energy feed.

3. Pig: The raw materials are safe and well-equipped, fully meet the safety needs of pigs, improve feed utilization; add lysine, accelerate pig growth, increase daily gain; add various enzyme preparations, micro-ecological probiotics and appetizers Improve intestinal environment and effectively prevent diarrhea.

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