Alkaline protease

Alkaline protease is a kind of endopeptidase which is fermented by Bacillus Licheniformis.It is widely used to hydrolyze different proteins to peptides and amino acid.

Detail Information

Alkaline protease can improve wool’s permeability and other characteristics,
which is a natural and effective method without pollute the environment.
Alkaline Protease has excellent washing performance at pH (9-11),
which removes protein-based stains in both laundry and automatic dishwashing detergents.
Activity is expressed by U/g, which complies with the specifications of QB/T23527-2009 (China).
1,Alkaline protease can be applied in hydrolyzing the protein molecule to polypeptide or amino acid ,
forming the protein with unique flavor and hydrolyze the liquid.
2,Alkaline protease can be used in ordinary detergents and industry washing,
it can help to remove stains formed by blood , eggs , juice,dairy products or gravy etc effectively.
This protease also used as medical reagent enzyme to wash the biochemical instrument.
Using in hydrolysis, the substrate concentration: 10-25%, the suitable temperature: 50-60 °C, the suitable pH: 9-11,
the reaction time 3-6 hours, enzyme recruitment: 0.03-0.06% (counting by hydrolysis solution weight).

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